Buy Golden Teacher mushroom online.

Buy Golden Teacher mushroom online.

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Golden Teacher has been given its name, because of the gold/brown color of the caps. The Teacher part can be explained by the fact that is grows very easy and is good for beginners. Golden Teacher shoots out flush after flush of medium sized mushrooms, growing in large clusters. Potency wise it deserves a place in the higher regions. The Golden Teacher is a classic and will always remain being so. Very rewarding and grows on most substrate recipes.



Buy Golden Teacher mushroom online| Order  Golden Teacher mushroom online USA “Buy Golden teacher mushrooms online”

Buy Golden Teacher mushroom online in Michigan. Buy Golden Teacher mushroom Online. Golden Teachers are among the most ubiquitous of the so-called magic mushroom “strains.” “Buy Golden Teacher mushroom Online”. They’ve been the most popular option among new and experienced growers alike for decades and remain a top choice to this day. “Buy Golden Teacher mushroom Online”.

Buy Golden Teacher mushroom online in Michigan.

What is it about the Golden Teachers that make this strain so popular? What’s the best way to grow this particular strain, and where can I find Golden Teacher spores? “Buy Golden Teacher mushroom Online”.

What Are Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

Golden Teacher is a strain of the psychedelic mushroom species Psilocybe cubensis. They’re known for their “gentle” nature and are often considered the baseline for comparing the potency of various magic mushroom strains today. “Buy Golden Teacher mushroom Online”.

These psilocybin-containing mushrooms feature a distinct golden cap and form dense clusters of medium to large-sized mushrooms. They thrive in just about any substrate, are fast colonizers, and generally produce large yields over the course of 2–4 flushes. “Buy Golden Teacher mushroom Online”.

Buy Golden Teacher mushroom online in Michigan.

The original sample is thought to have been collected from the Gulf region of the United States in the late 70s (unconfirmed).

Golden Teachers are just one of several hundred strains being sold on the open market. However, the very existence of many strains is debated among mycology experts.

A strain is essentially a distinct cultivar various growers have created through selective breeding. In order to qualify as a strain, the sample must have measurable and repeatable traits or characteristics between generations — such as differences in chemical makeup or growth patterns.

Buy Golden Teacher mushroom online in Michigan.

Many experts argue that the majority of “strains” don’t technically qualify as strains at all and are merely marketing terms used to sell spores or grow kits. Some vendors will make up names for stock they’re trying to sell and associate seemingly random growth traits or effect profiles without justification.

A true strain is made by either harvesting a phenotypically unique sample from the wild or through selective breeding. Selective breeding is what’s allowed growers to develop strains with larger caps, enhanced disease resistance, higher potency levels, or albino characteristics. 

Golden Teacher Specs:-Buy Golden Teacher mushroom Online.

Potency Above Average
Cultivation Easy
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Suggested Substrate Brown Rice Flour + Vermiculite (BRF Tek)
Cost $
Sold By Ralphsters Spores, Sporeworks, Spores 101

Golden Teacher Variations & Genetic Relatives

Golden Teachers have been around for a long time and were the dominant strain on the market for decades. It’s very likely that many of the strains listed on the market today are either Golden Teachers rebranded as something else or are were selectively bred or crossed from Golden Teachers.

The key characteristic of this strain is the gold-yellow caps. While we can’t be sure exactly which strains were derived from Golden Teachers, there are quite a few that share the gold-colored tops and have a high likelihood of being offshoots from this well-known mushroom.

Mushroom strains that feature golden caps: 

  • Alcabenzi
  • Golden Emporer
  • Guadalajara
  • Yeti

Where to Buy Golden Teacher Mushrooms

You can find Golden Teacher genetics from virtually all the major spore vendors in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

It’s also easy to find these shrooms from local dry shroom vendors, which can be used to obtain spores to cultivate at home yourself.

How to Grow Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are surprisingly easy to grow. You can get started yourself with equipment that’s probably already lying around your house or can be picked up at your local hardware shop or gardening center.

In order to get started, you’ll need to pick up some Golden Teacher spores or a magic mushroom grow kit that contains live GT mycelium.

Golden Teacher mushroom for sale  Online.

Golden Teachers are known for their ease of cultivation. They’re fairly contaminant-resistant, have fast colonization rates, and are less sensitive to underoptimized growing conditions. This could be because of the fact that this is a wild strain, as opposed to a strain selectively bred in captivity.

Buy Golden Teacher mushroom online in Michigan.

You can grow Golden Teachers on any of the popular mushroom substrates, including rye grain, BRF tek, Uncle Ben’s tek, manure, wild bird seed, etc.

This is one of the strains I recommend new growers start with because of their consistent and above-average potency, widespread availability, and relative ease of cultivation. 

Other Beginner Mushroom Species

Golden Teachers aren’t the only strains recommended for beginner growers.

Generally speaking, a good beginner strain is any strain that’s easy to find, has fast colonization rates, is less prone to aborts, and is tolerant to underoptimized fruiting conditions.

How Potent Are Golden Teachers mushrooms?

Golden Teachers are considered above average in terms of potency, but there are certainly strains that are more potent (such as Penis Envy, B+, or Tidal Wave).

In the 2021 Psilocybin Cup, a sample of Golden Teachers submitted by PsillyBoys was recorded to have 0.79% psilocybin and 0.05% psilocin. Other samples were lower (0.52% and <0.01% psilocin).

 How Long Do Golden Teachers mushrooms Take To Grow?

Golden Teachers are about average in terms of how fast they grow. With the right environmental conditions (temperatures between 22 and 27ºC and humidity levels over 80%), you can expect to go from spore to harvest within two months.

Where Do Golden Teachers mushrooms Get Their Name?

The true origins of Golden Teacher are unknown, but the name is believed to be derived from their golden-colored caps. The psychedelic nature and history of magic mushroom use is likely the reason behind calling these mushrooms “teachers.”

How Do I Take Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

There’s no particular way of using Golden Teachers that is different from other mushrooms. You can eat the fresh or dried mushrooms as-is, prepare them into a tincture, make psilocybin-infused honey, chocolates, or capsules.

Many people like to take dried mushrooms using the lemon tek method (faster absorption and improved flavor); others prefer to grind them into a powder and combine them with ingredients like L-theanine and caffeine to make DIY microdose capsules.

 What’s The Dose of Golden Teachers mushrooms? 

Golden Teachers are often used as the baseline for comparing the dose of magic mushrooms. This means the standard dosage ranges for any Psilocybe cubensis will work for Golden Teachers:

Golden teacher mushroom spore online 

  • Microdose — 0.2–0.5 grams
  • Threshold Dose — 0.5–1 gram
  • Standard Psychoactive Dose — 2–3 grams
  • Heroic Dose — Over 5 grams

The optimal dose of magic mushrooms depends highly on the individual (genetic factors, metabolism, size, and weight), as well as other factors, including set and setting (mindset, company, current mood, and environment).

For a more detailed estimate according to your weight and desired experience, check out our handy magic mushroom dosage calculator.

It’s important to pay attention to the fundamentals of responsible psychedelic use before taking Golden Teachers or any other magic mushroom strains.

Are Golden Teachers mushrooms Legal?

Magic mushrooms are illegal in most countries, including the United States and Canada. However, in recent months, some municipalities have moved to decriminalize magic mushrooms and other natural psychedelics — such as the state of Oregon, Vancouver (Canada), and a handful of cities in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Michigan).

Are golden teacher illegal in USA ” Magic mushroom Dispensary”

In these places, magic mushrooms are still listed as illegal, but offenses no longer qualify as a criminal charge — cultivation and possession in these places usually involve a fine or confiscation, rather than jail time or a criminal record.

Magic mushroom spores, including Golden Teacher spores, are legal throughout the United States (with the exception of California, Georgia, and Idaho), as well as Canada and Europe.

In Canada and the Netherlands, you can also order mushroom grow kits that contain live mycelium.

Final Thoughts: Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Most people who have consumed magic mushrooms today have encountered the term “Golden Teachers” or “Golden Caps.” This is one of the most common mushrooms on the open market, and for good reason — Golden Teachers are potent (but there are stronger strains), easy to grow, and are reportedly native to the United States.

Some experts contest the existence of magic mushroom strains, and while it’s clear some companies are simply acing up names for mushroom genetics already in circulation, it’s hard to deny the existence of unique phenotypes of mushrooms as well.

Golden Teachers are characterized by their above-average psilocybin content, low psilocin content, and distinct golden-yellow tops.

Golden Teacher magic mushroom spore vials are produced under sterile conditions and should be kept dark and refrigerated (2-8°C) to increase the shelf life of the spores.

Vial vs. Syringes| Order  Golden Teacher mushroom Online.

Spore vials are superior to the spore syringes in most fields. Get the best results when cultivating Golden Teacher magic mushrooms with this quality spore vial. Using spore vials will result in a higher success rate in the colonization and fruiting process.

Reasons to go Vial |Buy Golden Teacher mushroom Online.

  • Longer shelf life than most spore syringes (2 years vs 6 months)
  • It’s easier to get ALL spores out of the container. Plastic syringes are often charged with static electricity making the spores stick to them. Glass vials are never charged, so 100% of the spores will come out.
  • Works great with liquid culture growth media. Syringes can be prepared with a different solution, rendering any liquid culture medium unusable.
  • Spore vial solution has over a 1000 grow parts per milliliter, versus 500 g.p.p. ml or even less in most syringes.
  • Professional look and feel
  • Takes up less space
  • Easier to transport

Instructions to use a Golden Teacher spore vial

The vials have a cap with a circular rubber membrane. The rubber membrane, or septa, can be pierced by the needle of a syringe, but will stop any airflow, micro organisms or anything else to go through by itself.

Shake the Golden Teacher spore vial vigorously to spread the spores evenly throughout the vial. Remove the protective stopper cap from the top of the vial and sterilize the septa with an Alco prep. Unpack the sterile syringe and remove the protective cap from the needle. Insert the needle of the syringe through the septa.

The point of the needle should be submerged in the spore solution. Pull back the plunger of the syringe slowly so that the syringe will fill with spore solution. Just 3 milliliter of spore solution is needed to colonize 1 liter / 1.05 quart of substrate. After having filled the syringe with the required amount of spore solution, slowly take out the needle from the vial.

To proceed from here to the inoculation process, there are several methods to choose from:

Dropping the spore solution onto the substrate

After having prepared your own substrate or cakes, you can drop the Golden Teacher spore solution directly from the syringe onto this. Press the plunger slowly so that droplets of spore solution will come out of the needle. Every droplet that will be in contact with the substrate is a potential mycelium growth point. Spread out these droplets over the substrate evenly to colonize the substrate with mycelium.

Injection through injection ports

This is almost identical as dropping the spore solution onto the substrate. Open the injection port by pulling back the port protection cap. Use a alco prep to sterilize the injection port entry. Pierce the opening with the needle. Now drop the spore solution evenly over the substrate inside the spawn bag or grow box. After the Golden Teacher spore solution is injected, remove the syringe and close the injection port with the port protection cap.

Liquid culture for faster colonization and stronger mycelium

When injecting the Golden Teacher spore solution in a ‘bath of nutrients’, such as the Liquid Culture Growth Medium, the spores will form into mycelium inside this liquid suspension. This is called liquid culture or LC for short. Liquid Culture Growth Medium itself can be used to inoculate substrate and cakes. Liquid culture growth medium has a higher success rate and will be much more reliable than trying to germinate the spores without the use of  LC. In short: Using LCs will increase the chance on mushrooms.

Note: The Liquid Culture Growth Medium will not work well with our spore syringes.

Study spores and research using a microscope

Seen from a scientific point of view; all Psilocybe cubensis are alike. But they do differ slightly in appearance and fruiting speed (phenotype). There are numerous Psilocybe cubensis that have different phenotypes. These different cubensis are not considered subspecies, but different strains. The Golden Teacher is a strain of Psilocybe cubensis.

The differences in phenotype can be seen with the naked eye, but the true beauty lies under the microscope. The wondrous world of the spores. Many of our customers are scientists, doing research on these differences in a homemade laboratory. After having prepared your microscope slide, drop some of the Golden Teacher spore solution on it. Cover the specimen with a microscope covering glass. The best magnification for Psilocybe cubensis and Panaeolus cyanescens spore research is a magnification of 1000x or higher.

The syringe and reusing it

After using the syringe to inoculate the substrate, cake, or LC  with Golden Teacher, you can reuse the empty syringe after you have sterilized the needle. This can be done with a spirit burner or lighter. Burn the needle by keeping it in the flame long enough to make it glow orange. Let it cool down before you insert the needle again. Instead of reusing one, you can also order a sterile needle separately.

Storage-Buy Golden Teacher mushroom Online.

Store the Golden Teacher vial in the refrigerator between 2°C – 8°C or 35°F – 46°F. Leave the ‘septa protecting stopper cap’ in place when storing the vial. After removing this protective cap, always sterilize the septa with an alco prep before you insert the syringe.

Golden Teacher spore vials can be stored this way for 2 year after leaving our warehouse.

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    First timer with Shrooms and so far am pretty amazed! My first does was only 1.75g and the experience was very colourful and insightful. The initial hour into it was a bit of a challenge though because my body wanted to reject the new food. I made sure I was in touch with someone I trusted and could help me out if needed (didn’t know how it would go etc)
    I kept an audio recording going of the progressive experience which lasted a good 5 hours.

    The “sacred geometry” (specifically the “Metatron’s cube” and the the 64 grid tetrahedron also known as the “Grid of Life” ) was pretty distinctive and intense when my eyes closed. It was as if I was inside the 3D geometry. Although that was neat and fascinating I followed Organic Shroom Canada’s advice and focused on my body and care.

    Funny enough every 1 minute or so I kept yawning and felt how tired I was in reality, I wanted to go sleep so much the first hour but my head trip was spinning a bit too much for comfort and I simply did not want to make it worst etc.

    It’s as if I could see through my skin better, I could distinguish the areas that needed attention or care. (An overlaid geometric skin seemed to come in and out of focus.) Strange enough I know but I could see the area my knees more red, my left hand where a bee stung from the day before was all too apparent, which was still a bit inflamed at the time. I took a picture just to see after if it was like so normally (the camera and video showed only even skin colour) So there was a sense of; “Oh my God I can see where I need healing” My skin was so beautiful and it was as if I felt the Fascia (The thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place) It felt soothing and very serene actually.

    I did take a second dose since then (1g) and although not as intense in colour, geometry and transparency it was very healing overall. The serene feeling was just as beautiful as the first trip and had no tummy or heart burn.

    I’ll stop here to say I appreciate your advise in the FAQ’s and their fast shipping. I’ll keep documenting my experiences and read more about Shrooms that is given.

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    Good, first time was stronger than I expected

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